The Mission Statement of the Guardian of Truth Foundation

Tim Haile

I recently received an email that contained an advertisement that had been mailed out by Truth Bookstore (April 28, 2008 Newsletter). The advertisement contained the following statement:

“We are a group of Christians aspiring to teach the word of God, to inform brethren regarding the Lord's work in various parts of the country, and to strengthen and encourage Christians. In addition to the bookstores, we also publish Truth Magazine. To learn more about this magazine or to subscribe, click here.”

This statement plainly outlines the goals and objectives of the Guardian of Truth Foundation. It is worthy of notice that this statement was not made by someone who questions or opposes certain practices of GOT, but by the foundation itself. The statement is not one that has been merely attributed to GOT. Rather, it was made by GOT.

Some people have attempted to deflect my opposition to the GOT lectures by claiming that Truth Bookstore is merely “a business” operating in the realm of commerce. Let this contention now be forever abandoned and repudiated, for the producer(s) and sender(s) of this advertisement claim to engage in far more than just commerce. They claim an evangelistic role. Let it now be seen and understood that the members of the GOTF have openly acknowledged that their organization “aspires to:”

(1) Teach the Word of God

(2) Inform Brethren Regarding the Lord’s Work in Various Parts of the Country

(3) Strengthen and Encourage Christians

If these are commercial services, then the local church is also “a business” that engages in commercial enterprise.

The Big Question:

I can’t help but now wonder what those brethren will do, who formerly defended their support of GOT on the basis that it functioned “only as a business?” They obviously cannot continue to make such a claim, for GOT principals are now on public record in affirming the exact opposite of what they are saying. The argument that they have so heavily relied upon is now utterly worthless. It has been rendered ineffective by the very men whom they have worked so diligently to uphold and protect.  Will voices finally be raised? Will brethren who once denied an evangelistic function of GOT finally see the truth? I hope so, for if they can’t see it now, they probably never will.


The GOTF organization is openly claiming to provide the spiritual service that God has assigned to the local church (Eph. 4:12-16; 1 Tim. 3:15). By its own admission, GOT is a religious organization. I have before written articles in which I have shown the logical consequences of certain positions and practices, and the fallacies of certain arguments. This article is different from those. All that is necessary for me to do in this article is to draw attention to the plain affirmation that has been made by the Guardian of Truth Foundation. We do not have to speculate about “what they are doing,” or “where this is going…etc” We know exactly what they are doing and where this is going, for they have told us plainly: The GOT organization is engaged in the works of evangelism and edification. As I have said many times before, let the bookstore be the bookstore. Let it sell its products. Let it not supplant the God-given role of the local church.

Let GOTF call forth its champion. Let it find the man who will affirm in public oral debate: “The Scriptures teach that men may form and fund non-church religious organizations for the purpose of conducting worship, edification and evangelism.”  I will gladly oppose it as heresy.

Tim Haile