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Barnett, Maurice:

The Scapegoat
The Absolute Standard of Truth
The Humanity of God
Series On The Substitution Theory of the Atonement
Special 3 Part Series on Fellowship
Review of Tom Couchman
The Downfall of Bethany College
Response to "The 29th Question and Beyond..."
The Universe and the History of Man

Caldwell, Colly:

Colly Caldwell's Letter to Those Who Signed the "Open Letter" (PDF)
The President's Position on Teaching Divine Creation at Florida College

Dann, David:

Did God Create the Earth in One Literal Week?
Did The Genesis Flood Cover The Whole World?
The Significance of a Global Flood

Foutz, Paul:

Genesis 1 & 2: Literal or Figurative?

Frost, Gene:

The Gospel Anchor Is Back
Listen To The People, Mr. President!
Authority: Men or God?
The Rise and Fall of the United States
Truth Does Not Appeal To Everyone
Reaping the Whirlwind
Response To Elmer Moore, including Elmer Moore's article on The Humanity of Christ.
Three Gospel Anchor Articles on the Support of Preachers
The Guilty Excuse The Guilty
A Case of Hollow Boasting
"Neo-Apollinarianism": A Smear Tactic
Apollinarian Heresy
Heresy (Reprint from the Gospel Anchor, 1991)
"Tell Us Plainly," Please Do
No Attempt to "Tell Us Plainly" (Response to Milliner)
Those Unanswered Questions (Response to Milliner)
Those Frightening Questions (Response to Milliner)
Lying Is Now The Issue (Response to Milliner)
Myths of Christmas

Frost, Jere E.:

Ten Lessons Learned From The Presidential Crisis
God's Ignorance of Crocodiles
In The Beginning (and Some Thoughts on Avoiding Casualties in a Crisis)
"I Believe," by Floyd Chappelear
An Appeal and Proposition to Floyd

Gatlin, Dan:

Engaging in Spiritual Warfare
Some "Spanish Works" and the Sponsoring Church

Goforth, Wayne:

The Negative Side of Positive Preaching
"Someone Has Changed!"
Hand Waving in Worship

Hafley, Larry Ray:

Quit Using "Church of Christ?"
Days of Genesis One - Does it Matter?

Haile, Tim:

Right, Wrong, and Romans 14
Star Trek and Milliner's "Deranged" Jesus
How Did Jesus "Grow in Wisdom?"
The Garden Prayer: Did Jesus Desire to Escape The Cross?
The Mystery of Godliness
Response to Elmer Moore's Article on "The Humanity of Christ"
What Constitutes "Adultery?"
An Examination of "Lucky God" Theology
Violence: Who do we Blame?
Demeanor In Worship
The Door Is Open: Proceed With Caution!
False Teachers: Impure Motives or Impure Doctrines?
The "Give" and "Take" of Hebrews 2:16
Hypersensitive Christianity
"Those Nasty 'Brotherhood' Papers"
From "Hinnom" to Mayhem (Abortion)
What "Y2K" Means to the Christian
Christ and Isaiah 7:15
The Church of God's Choice
Review of Ronny Milliner's Article on "Neo-Apollinarianism"
The All-Sufficiency of the Church
Review of Robert Waters' Article on "False Teachers"
Societal Christianity
I Have Told You Plainly (response to Milliner)
The Three Musketeers Ride Again (response to Milliner)
Good Question: "What Did Jesus Say About It?" (Review of Harry Lewis' Article)
"Youth" Retreats or "Truth" Retreats?
Doctrinal Laxity and the "Community Church" Movement
Why I Signed The Open Letter
Ronny Milliner Plainly Admits to Being a Liar
Response to Ferrell Jenkins
Hill Roberts' Bizarre View of Bible Miracles
Making Good Our Escape
Does It Matter What One Believes About Creation?
Shane Scott & the Creation Controversy
"The Great Unnamed Body" - A Review of Steve Dewhirst
The Use of Instrumental Music in Worship to God
What About Christmas?
"Inscribed in the Book of Truth"
The Temptation of Christ
The Clinton Legacy
Country Club Churches
"They Deserve It"
"Naked and Unashamed" - The Sin of Immodesty
Sin Based Unity
When Human Laws Collide With Divine Laws
The Religion of Feelgoodism

Henry, John:

A Preacher's Education
Did The Sun Stand Still A Million Years?

Jacobs, Jarrod:

"A Tree Planted By The Rivers of Water"
"Jehovah's Witnesses"

King, Daniel H. Sr.:

An Open Letter: The Creation Account & Florida College
Hill Roberts' Response to Our Open Letter
My Position on Isaiah 7:14 & the Creation Controversy
Reply to Hill Robert's "Floods, Science and Religion..."

Kurfees, M.C.:

Walking By Faith

Lovelace, Bob W.:

Concurrent Cooperation Among Individuals
Individually Supported Societies On the Side Line

Martin, Don:

The Society System

Mayberry, Mark:

An Open Letter to Ferrell Jenkins

McPherson, Peter:

Interpretation Depends On the Overall Picture

Needham, James P.:

False teachers or False Teaching?
My Reply To Brother Waters' Review
Brother Jenkins' False Presumptions
Name Calling and Horn Blowing
The Harmony of Science and Scripture
Speaking "As the Oracles of God"
The Fickleness of Man

Osborne, Harry:

An Open Letter: The Creation Account & Florida College
Harry Osborne's Response to Colly Caldwell
Open Letter: Creed, Council, or Expression of Concern?
A Rejoinder of Lamentation
Ed Fudge, Florida College &
the Days of Creation

Reed, Dennis:

Ignorance is Bliss... A Concentrated Effort to Avoid Guilt

Roberts, Hill:

Floods, Science and Religion, Kinds, Evening and Morning Sustained

Robinson, Bill Jr.:

Response to the 29th Question and Beyond... (PDF)

Spears, Dudley Ross:

Exchange Between Dudley Spears and Ed Harrell on Romans 14
Jesus' Attributes of Deity
Humanity of Jesus: A Response to Elmer Moore
The Divine Knowledge of Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ, the Son of Man
The Temptation of Jesus
Did Jesus Cease Being a Man?
Romans 14 and Matters of Faith
Philippians 2:6-7 and the Conjunction Alla
Knowing The Knowable
The Glory of Christ
Bible Time and Days of Creation
Response to Tom Couchman
Dating the Earth by the Scientific Method???
Milliner and a Deranged Jesus (response to Ronny Milliner)
Anent Brother Bill Robinson, Jr.'s Defense of Florida College
Colleges ("Christian" or Otherwise) and the Church
Harry Lewis Versus the "Giant Killer"
Jesus, of Nazareth was God

Sweets, Jeremy N.:

Dispensationalism: From Heaven or From Men

Thomas, Kenneth E.:

Being Religious Isn't Enough; One Must Be Religiously Right!
Critics of Criticism
"As Simple As ABC?"
Getting The Cart Before The Horse
Christians Only: 1 Peter 4:16
The Importance of Believing and Obeying Only the Truth
"Do A Christian's Sins Damn His Soul?" By Sam Morris-Baptist Preacher; With Refutation By Ken Thomas-Gospel Preacher
All of This and Still Lost
Can Two Walk Together, Except They Be Agreed? (Amos 3:3)
All Sins Are Not The Same
The Humility, Humanity and Deity of Jesus
The Truth Between Extremes
Why Do They Ask Those Questions?
The Distinctiveness and Uniqueness of Real Christianity
Ronny Milliner and Neo-Apollinarianism
Identifying Churches of Christ
What About Other People's Religion?
Why Are You What You Are?
"Greatness in the Kingdom"
"I Believe The Bible"
"Controversial Preachers"
Why All of the Confusion?
Light & Darkness
1 Corinthians 3:10-15 - "He Shall Suffer Loss"
A Strange Phenomenon: Some Preachers Can't Understand These Simple Words
Does God's Silence Authorize?
Capital Punishment - Three Dispensations
The Lord's Church Is:
Our Plea
A Sound Church

Thomas, Michael:

Spiritual Body Piercing

Vinson, Jerry:

The Way of Christ Without Denominationalism
Games People Play With God
Gimmicks, Games, or the Gospel

Wallace, Steven J.:

"Behemoth & Leviathan"

Waters, Robert:

False Teachers or Teaching Falsely: A Review

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